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Is this thing on?

Here I am, once again dipping my toes into the world of blogging. Me and blogging - we got history. That said, things have changed greatly since I was last here, both in terms of blogging and of my life.

Things have moved on so much so, that if I dare to tell people of my beauty blogging past; those heady days of meeting the Barry M, Gosh Darling-mania and the never-ending quest to find the ultimate "My Lips But Better" lipstick, they look at my often dishevelled hair, distinct lack of make-up and the dried mysterious substance on my t-shirt (likely to be a gift from one of my small people) and a vague expression passes their face and the subject is swiftly changed.

Cacti & Feathers is going to be the space for me to indulge in my desire to write, that is what I have really missed. I've always found writing to be incredibly cathartic and if there is a time in my life I need catharsis, it is now.  Life is just hurtling on by and it needs to be digested a little.

I have two small boy people in my life and they mean the absolute world to me.  There is S - he is 2 years 8 months and is funny, beautiful and feral. Then there is E - he is 5 weeks old and does being 5 weeks old very well (eat, sleep, poo, repeat.)  There is also a big boy person in my life and 2016 saw us become husband and wife (it only took us 12 years to get around to it...)

Expect to see a myriad of lifestyle topics here on Cacti & Feathers, from being a mother of two small boys to my love of bullet journalling, from documenting fun adventures and days out to my exploration into the world of Zero Waste and living a more ethical, eco-conscious life - and a whole host of other things, some serious and many not so serious.

Enough of this waffle, let's get cracking...

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