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This Week // 09-07-17 // Broad Beans, Vaccinations & Baby Massage

What have you been doing this week?
I am intending to do a little write up each Sunday of the week gone by.  Weeks seem to pass in a blur and I'm finding myself not fully appreciating things that happen, so doing a little weekly summary is a nice way for me to just gather my thoughts and reflect on the last seven days.

As you can see, Sebastian is still thoroughly enjoying the face filters over on Instagram (come say hi!)  He is often finding my phone and thrusting it at me, demanding "dog" and "rabbit."  When he pulls funny faces like above, how can I not oblige?! We then have to watch the videos we have taken.  Again and again.  And again. Much to Ezra's displeasure.

This weather gets me all about the salads.  I can't stand turning on the oven in this heat (and the hob is an effort too!)  We got some more broad beans in this week's Riverford delivery.  I bloody love broad beans.  They can be a bit of a faff but it's so worth it.  Whilst I can happily sit there munching them naked (the beans, not me...) I tend to chuck them into a salad.  I'm particularly fond of marrying them up with feta and beetroot.  Yum!

Ezra - 9 weeks old this week.

Ezra has been a busy bee, kicking the week off with his first round of vaccinations.  Poor little mite.  I have to be honest, I wasn't really that bothered taking Sebastian (vaccinations compared to heart surgery are a doddle!) but poor little Ezra hadn't been subjected to needles before.  He had a raging temperature for three days following and he slept and slept - the times he was awake he was super grouchy.  I also took him for an echocardiogram, an ultrasound of the heart.  It was offered due to the heart complications Sebastian was born with and although I had an additional scan during pregnancy, this one was a lot clearer and was able to rule out smaller problems as well.  I am glad to say that Ezra's ticker is tickety-boo!
 We did do some nice things too... we went to story-time at our local Waterstones, naturally he slept through it as I sat drinking coffee but it's a nice little session so as he grows I hope he will get more from it.  We also started baby massage this week.  I was so excited to do this with him.  He did exceptionally well and I couldn't believe how little he fussed in the 45mins and he spent a decent chunk of that time on his front too, he actually really enjoys being on his tummy. He slept like a dream for the rest of the day!

Ben and I attended Sebastian's two and half year review at nursery this week and he's doing absolutely fantastic.  We (us parents and health visitors) had some concerns regarding his development and as a result, he has been attending nursery since January.  He has come on leaps and bounds and whilst he has quite definite speech delay he is doing incredibly well and most importantly, we are now seeing improvements in his development week on week.



I love watching people share their minimalism journeys and this week I discovered Madeleine Olivia and her approach to minimalism really appealed.  Minimalism doesn't have to mean bright white interiors and spending big bucks on furniture that fits an particular aesthetic.  Here is her minimalism series...



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